Google Pixel 2XL leaked along with Home Mini, Daydream and Pixel Book

The smartphone world is almost done with all the major releases but there’s still one left, and it’s possibly the most important one, Google Pixel 2. The tech giant started the Pixel line just a year ago and while scrapping the Nexus got them a lot of heat, The Pixels seem to have made up for a lot of it. Now, the Pixel 2 arrives on October 4th, and we seem to have come across, what can be called, the alleged press images of the Pixel devices. I say devices here because there are a lot more leaks than you can handle, brace yourselves.


Pixel 2XL

The Google Pixel 2 XL made by LG will be arriving in the shell that you see here, the stormtrooper look is really appealing and looks a lot better than the “just black” shown below.The 64GB model will cost $849 and the 128GB model will cost you $949. Google will also be offering monthly plans as well. The 64GB Pixel 2 XL will cost $35.38/mo over 24 months and the 128GB version will jump to $39.54/mo. There’s no other real information about the Google Pixel, however, rumors about the Google Pixel having an LG V30-ish design on the front have been looking quite good.

Google Pixel 2XL


Daydream View 2

The Daydream View 2 is going to be an important piece of hardware for VR this year and while it looks very similar to the last year’s version, there seem to be some new paint jobs. The new colors: Charcoal, Fog, and Coral, along with a more rugged looking build compared to last year, make it seem like the Daydream View 2 might be a no-brainer.

It’s going to cost you around $99 which is a slight bump from last year’s price, however, the internals might also see a significant bump, justifying the price.


Google Home Mini

The October 4th Google event is definitely not going to be just about the Pixel 2, we already have a Daydream V2 and now the Google Home Mini might make the cut. Google unveiled Home last year and it makes perfect sense to make a more affordable mini version. It also becomes a competition to Amazon’s Echo Dot, and the affordable price tag of just $49 makes the deal much sweeter.



While the Google Pixel became a reality just a year ago, the name Pixel has been on Google’s list of hardware for much longer. The Chromebook Pixel and Pixel C have been some of Google’s beautiful products in this series. The Pixelbook will be available in a Silver Color with storage options of 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB. The prices won’t be a surprise to people who knew the original Chromebook Pixel devices. The 128GB version will start at $1,199, followed by the 256GB model at $1,399 and the 512GB option at $1,749.

Google has a lot of things planned for us(allegedly), and it looks like this October 4th is going to be unforgettable. Stay tuned for more updates from Mr. Phone.

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