Google Pixel 2 facing issue with Assistant via Bluetooth headphones

Google Pixel flagship has been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons, up to a certain time only Pixel 2 XL made headlines with flashing screen issues and screen burn.  Users tried to turn off their devices to prevent the issue further but that was only a temporary fix. There was a certain charging issue also faced by Pixel 2 XL where the charging did not exceed up to a certain mark. You can see the detailed description here. 

Pixel 2

The troubles don’t seem to end here for Google, new issues are coming up and this time Pixel 2 has joined the league. 

The trouble begins when you start operating the Google Assistant via your Bluetooth headphones. The devices simply mute its microphone as soon as the Assistant is involved, you will not be able to use the function at all. The device doesn’t detect any voice input through the Bluetooth headphones. It makes a sound which indicates that it is listening but it doesn’t detect any voice. Multiple users have detected and tested this issue with many other headphones of different brands like Anker, LG, Beats, and Plantronics. The problem seemed to continue. Not only this the Pixel 2 is facing certain issue in the microphone as well. You can check the details of the problem here. 

This is a big issue for the company and it has been reported on the Google support forums. The company has accepted the problems and we expect it to take note of the problems arising and coming up with a solution. It might take a few weeks for them to come up with a solution. 

Have you tried using Google Assistant via your headphones? I was amazed at the response from the users, and how many were disheartened with the issue. If you have tried the Assistant do let us know what went wrong with your device in the comment section below. 

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