Google Photos is rolling out identification & photo grouping for your pets

People and pets

Barking and meowing news! for everyone with pets. All because of Google photos. 

One of the best advantages of Google photos is that how it identifies faces in photos and groups them with ease. The face recognition is seriously commendable, and it saves a lot of time when you’re looking in your library for pictures of a specific person. Now, Google is rolling out the same feature for cats and dogs, allowing you to easily locate photos of your friends with paws.

Google People and pets

The ‘People’ section where you currently see all of the faces Photos has identified in your gallery and is appropriately being renamed ‘People & Pets. All your dogs and cats will be shown here along with your family members. You will be able to do anything with these photos just like you do with the photos of humans. Like, you can label them and even find photos of you and your dog together. 

So all pet lovers what are you waiting for? 




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