Files Go- a new Google app has been leaked!

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Google, the company that gave us some of the most amazing and useful apps was also been working on a smart system file manager. But there was an accidental leakage of the app on the play store.

The new app called “Files Go” that has been accidentally leaked by Google on the Google play store was immediately removed when it came to be known. Though it was long enough to be uploaded to a file-sharing website by an anonymous source. The direct Play store link doesn’t work for now and that is expected, right?

There are some useful features which aim at providing more information and control over what is holding up the precious space on your smartphone.

There’s a card based “Storage” interface which shows you how much space is used and how much is left. It guides you where we can clear data to gain more space. There are cards such as “App cache”, “Large files”, “Downloaded files”, “Duplicate files” and “Junk media”.

new Google app leaked

Moving further, Under the “Files tab” there’s a list of categories such as Downloads, Images, Videos, and Documents. We can look at the location and type of the file under the tab. There’s an interesting feature called the Transfer tool, which could help users to transfer large amounts of files easily. If you wanted to send a number of files, with the help of Bluetooth it can be made possible. You just have to select the “Send files” and it will fire up the phone’s hotspot for the other person to connect by tapping “Receive” in the same app.

Some of the other features include “Alerts” which alerts you when your phone’s storage is low or if the app hasn’t been used for longer than 30 days.

Currently, the app’s not ready. It has some freezing issues to it. There’s also a need for copy and paste and unzipping of the zip files. 

We are hoping to see the Files Go app by Google, soon. Are you? Let us know in the comments below!


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