Google lens finally arriving on Google Assistant


Google gave us a sneak peak of its most prolific AI based utilitarian tool ( the Google lens ) back in May 2017. For those who are unaware of this term well, it helps you get relevant and exact information about an object. To clear all the confused clouds in your heads, if you point the camera on your phone at a movie poster or a monument. You will automatically get relevant information like the release dates of the movie and for monument probably when it was built and by whom. 

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Earlier the Google lens worked like this, you had to click a picture of an object with your camera and then send the picture to the Google lens. But now it has been simplified, all you gotta do is point at the object. Many users have got the update while some have to yet receive it yet. When your Pixel phone gets updated you shall see a new icon at the bottom right corner of your phone showing the Google lens. Tap on that icon and the Assistant will help launch a camera, you can then point the camera to an object and obtain information. After you have focussed on the object tap the screen once automatically you will start getting information about it. This is amazing for all those inquisitive heads who need to know everything, voila at least this will reduce your burden of finding out facts about an object. All you gotta do is point your camera at an object and receive all the correct information about it. 

This update as of now is only for the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones, probably other handsets get it in the future. 

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