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Google Home Max

When Amazon first launched the Alexa, nobody believed them. We are all so used to looking at a screen for our computational needs. And now, that being replaced by something which is just audio capable, seemed somewhat of a downward slide. But then hey, aren’t we surprised by how famous it became. Little did we know, how well it turned out. Well, then it was followed suit by Google with their Google Home and then Google, this year launched 2 additional new versions, the Google Home Mini, and the Max. And while the Mini may be super portable and super affordable, the Max is the big bull, designed for the party monsters. Read on to find more about it.

The Google Max, as the name suggests is the big brother of the Google Home. It is huge, almost the weight, and size of a watermelon. Its cuboid form design makes it a fit for a landscape or portrait type stand. The Max hosts two subwoofers and two tweeters. And when they work in tandem, you get some really high quality audio. The base is rich and owing to the size of the Max, it can technically reach to very low levels which definitely enhances the EDM or Trap track that you are rocking. Well, this by far is the only high end audio speaker device in the market which has a high end artificial intelligence system driving it. Amazon Alexa may also be smart but then they don’t sound that awesome.

Google Assistant is coming to older phones and tablets and we cannot keep calm!

One really awesome feature with the Max is that if you place it horizontally, it starts emitting stereo sound as both the woofers and tweeters start sounding together giving you a 2.1 stereo sound. There is literally no one else that does that, in the same family. Also if you decide to buy two of these and place them in a room, they pair with each other and give you a surround sound effect without any additional configuration. And then on top of that, there’s Google assistant with an ever-evolving artificial intelligence that never stops to amaze you.

So here’s the final feedback. If you are an audiophile who loves to party and make an impression with friends but are also slick who likes to keep things futuristic and neat, then this is the right choice for you. Although, the Max is definitely expensive at $500 when there are much cheaper workarounds to achieve the same. You can always get a google mini for $50, a chrome cast for $35 and then connect it to your real loudspeaker. You can always get away with a DIY Google Max.

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