Is the Google Go app really different from the main Google app?

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Google released the Google Go app on Tuesday and it is the up-to-date version of the main Google app.

The main work of this app is to make sharing and exploring on the internet very fast and easy. Do not worry the Google Go app is less than 5 MB and is highly suitable for devices which have less internal storage. It consumes less than 40% data.  

Shahidhar Thakur (VP of Engineering, Google) said, that this app will help the smartphone “come on the internet” and will make internet accessibility easy. He further added,  “We gathered feedback from 100 of Indian cities to make the power of the Internet accessible for new users through Google Go,”. 

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The main Google app used the system’s default language but the Google Go app will allow you to choose any language from the list. Languages include Punjabi, Nepali, Hindi and many more. This app also supports some international languages as well which are Filipino, Deutsch, and Afrikaans. You can even switch to English as your default language. 

The key feature of this app is the minimum usage of the internet, it will always help you in loading a lighter version of the website. It is designed to use less than 40 percent of data and while testing the company realised that the app is able to process search results in milliseconds. Isn’t that simply cool, the app is using lesser data and producing faster results. The main app consumes over 330 MB memory on an average of three hours on the Oreo version of smartphones. The Go app uses only a minimal storage of 32 MB on an average of three hours. 

Google Go, by default, has shortcuts to websites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  A simple tap on these shortcuts will either direct you to their web versions or open the app if it’s installed. Pretty standard stuff!

You can download the app on your Android devices now, click on this and enjoy. 

Download and experience the change yourself, and also let us know what you feel about the Google Go app. Leave your views in the comments section below. 

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