Google to fix hissing sounds on Pixel 2 within a few weeks

Google Pixel & Pixel 2

It has been only a month since the launch of the Google Pixel, and Pixel 2 smartphones and clouds of troubles started hovering over its head. Many Pixel users switched to Pixel 2 and upgraded but was it worth it? 

My device remained unaffected by the weird sounds people are getting, but there are genuine complaints from users about the hissing issue. But there is no need to fret anymore according to sources within a few weeks an update will fix this predicament. 

Google Pixel 2 & Pixel

Within a few weeks, your Google Pixel 2 will be free of all the hissing sounds that have been bothering you while you make calls. 

This news came from the community manager of the Google Pixel user and he quoted that the update will come “in the coming weeks”. There is always a Silver lining in a dark cloud, hence we got our Silver line. 

A very interesting case up that an inquisitive user of Google Pixel 2 XL who was facing difficulties while charging his phone asked Google Assistant for help. To his surprise, Google Assistant replied and started doing steps to eradicate his impediment. It started checking the battery and mentioned the apps to the users which were drying out the battery. Maybe you can try this when you get the hissing sound while making a call on your Pixel 2 device. You never know it might work. 

Here are some awesome things you can do with your Google Assistant, do check it out.

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