Google Duo to be linked with Pixel’s dialer, SMS, and Contact apps.

Google has always been a leader, an omniscent presence, and of course, the know it all of the twenty first century. It has led innovation since the last two decades and keeping up with that trend, it has upgraded one of its commnunication app Google  Duo and has made it sure that the user experience or UI is simplified!

Google Duo has been linked and integrated in various applications like Google Pixel’s dialer, SMS, and Contact apps. The advantage of this move is that without having to open the Google Duo app, a person can easily make a video call through it (is she/he is using Pixel).

Amazing, isn’t it? 

Google Duo linked to contacts and sms app

As observed on the Google Pixel 2, one will be able to see a video icon next to a contact’s name who is already using Duo. One will get to see this icon in the call history window, next to a contact’s name, or within the SMS conversation with any person who is registered on Duo.

But there is a catch. If your network carrier allows video calling and the person you’re calling has the same carrier as you, then the precedence would be given to a voice call through the network itself. The change has not completely rolled out yet so there are some manual steps that one has to take to activate these features.

Do you think that it is a cool feature? Let us know in the comments below!

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