Google’s Bulletin app is the company’s answer to Twitter

Google Bulletin app

So, Google is trying out the field and delving into all sorts of software segments. With its in-depth investment in AI, Google is one of the companies that can dare venture in all places. This time it has come up with an app called Google Bulletin.

The idea is to let normal people like you and me, create the news instead of well-known journalists and publishers. The app is trying to give the true power of information directly to people. But wait, hasn’t Twitter already done it?

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Today, Twitter has become synonymous with everything trendy. It is but common for us to search for all the latest news on the app. In such a situation, the idea behind Google Bulletin becomes pretty much the same.

Google Bulletin

The app gives people the liberty to post photos, videos and messages directly from their phones, without being a part of any news website/blog. Though Facebook and Twitter have already been leading this arena, let’s not forget that Google Search still holds the monopoly when it comes to searching content over the internet.

Google Bulletin’s content would be made available as a public search, so the news creators can always get the hits they need. Are you interested in becoming a news creator?

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For now, the app is in a limited pilot program in Nashville and Oakland. Interested users can sign up for the early access program. It might make people post fake news to create panic but I think that Google will find a solution to that as well.

Are you going to sign up for the Google Bulletin? Let us know in the comments section below.

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