Google Assistant is now your troubleshooting partner for Pixel 2 XL devices

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is already an efficient software and well proficient in helping and guiding you with your mobile phone. According to sources, a Pixel 2 XL user was facing difficulties while charging his smartphone, even after keeping the phone on charging for a long time. Somehow the battery was not up to 100 %, so he got a thought in his mind and inquired about his dilemma to Google Assistant. 

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Though it may baffle you the Assistant responded and started managing the troubleshooting process. It began with checking the health of the battery and even highlighted the apps which were causing the battery to become weak. 

Google Assistant

The Google Assistant doesn’t limit its help only to the battery charging issues but is also initiated help for camera issues and Bluetooth problems. Isn’t this amazing that your Assistant is now your troubleshooting companion as well.  This makes it hassle-free for the users they do not need to run questions on the internet and try and look for a valid solution. Being inquisitive paid off, he at least found out a way to deal with the issues on his phone.

It is very lucid for the users using the Android 8.1 Oreo developer preview on your Pixel 2 device. Your troubleshooting process will initiate easily. All you have to do is inform your Google Assistant about what predicament you are facing. It will immediately start the process and start asking you about what exactly is going wrong. Even if the Assistant is unable to provide help it will direct you to Google’s support team. 

Let us know if you faced such an instance of your Pixel 2 XL. 

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