Google Assistant can now make automatic calls to book a table for dinner and more

Googlr Assistant on older Android Versions

Among the many announcements that were made at Google I/O 2018, this was the interesting one for me personally and a bit frightening. Google announced updates to a number of apps including Assistant. One of the features that was not only announced but even demonstrated was Assistant’s new ability to make calls for dinner booking, appointments with a very natural human tone. All the user has to do is to tell Assistant to book an appointment. The call will happen in the background and the user will only hear the end result of the conversation from Google. The feature will roll out later this year for the public with stable Android P.

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The last part is what’s most interesting. The Assitant uses human speech patterns never heard of from AI such as hesitations and affirmations like “Erm”. You might be thinking this is a whole new level of AI, and in a way it is. The tech behind it is called Google Duplex and it is one of the most sophisticated AI examples. However, it works only with a pre-defined set of situations. If you’re more interested in details, the company has it put up in a blog post.

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In fact, the whole theme of the Google conference seemed to be AI. For example, Android P will now use machine learning to identify your phone use patterns to effectively save battery. Also, “adaptive brightness” feature will also be AI-based meaning that it will learn your optimal brightness from your usage patterns.
Furthermore, Google Maps will now make suggestions of locations such as restaurants by using the camera and user habits.

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