Google announces Android 10 (Go Edition) making it faster and more secure

It’s been a while that Google officially launched Android 10 for its consumers. However, we all know that all Android devices don’t feature powerful hardware to be able to run the full-fletched variant of Android. As such, Google has the Android Go program for them. Now, following the update suit, the company has announced Android 10 (Go Edition) as well. Apart from the API upgrade and design changes, the new update also brings many speed and security improvements. Let’s take a look.

Google Android 10 (Go Edition) features

Android 10 (Go Edition) is targetted towards entry-level smartphones with less than 1GB RAM. Google says that the latest version is not only reliable but is also “faster and more secure.” App launch speed is claimed to be 10 percent faster compared to the previous Pie (Go Edition). Additionally, Android 10 (Go edition) adapts Adiantum, which is a new form of encryption that is dedicated for low-end phones and doesn’t impact the performance. As such, the new version of Android will not only be snappier but also more secure.

What’s more, is that Google states that over 500 smartphone manufacturers have launched more than 1,600 Android (Go edition) devices in the last 18 months. This includes over 180 countries, including India, South Africa, Nigeria, Brazil, and the United States. While Google itself hosts a handful of apps optimized for the Go platform, it also notes that more Android developers are now enhancing their apps to work well on Android (Go edition) devices. As a result, modern technologies are easily accessible to users that do not wish to spend a lot without having to miss out on the smart experience.


The Android 10 (Go Edition) is said to be available later this fall. In India, the Redmi Go and Nokia 1 have seen decent sales, and both are expected to be updated to the latest version. Stay tuned to Mr. Phone to get notified of all the updates in the smartphone and technology world.

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