First glimpse of leaked Google’s Android 12 — Top 3 expected features!

Android 12

Google’s Android 12 is the next anticipated mobile operating system from the Alphabet-owned company. The new Android operating system traditionally gets unveiled at Google I/O event in May-June, every year, with first developers previews rolling out a couple of months prior to it. Folks at XDA developers, however, could get a sneak peek of Android 12 through leaked documentations. These documentations are a process of the rollout of the operating systems, which are shared with prime partners, ahead of the stable release of the new beta versions.

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XDA report now shares a part of that alleged documentation wherein Google had shared changes of the upcoming Android 12 operating system. The leaked information includes screenshots of Android 12 that showcase new user interface and privacy features of the much anticipated operating system. While the alleged screenshots certainly look real, folks at XDA developers, however, aren’t fully confirming the authenticity of it.

Google’s Android 12 — What’s changed?

Notifications UI

— The alleged Android 12 screenshot showcases a revamped notification panel with a minimalist design element and significant drop ‘Quick Settings’ tiles from typical six to four. Google introduced the ‘Conversations’ section in the notification panel, which groups in all chat apps’ messages under the section. The feature appears to be continuing as-is on the upcoming Android 12, the screenshots suggest. The report further implies date and clock have been swapped and the operating system is said to be bringing new privacy indicators on the top right corner in the user interface. Rest of the notifications appear to remain unchanged with options to manage notifications and clearing them all in a go.

Android 12

Privacy that matters

— Privacy has been the key for tech giants in recent times, Apple did it with iOS earlier, and Google is gearing up to implement similar changes to Android 12 as well. Like the iOS implementation, Google will perhaps showcase green icons (for camera and microphone) on the top right corner of the interface — whenever they’re triggered in any apps on your device.

Android 12

Similarly, in the native Privacy Settings of the alleged Android 12 screenshot, we can witness new sections for disabling the camera, muting the microphone, and toggling off/on-location settings alongside other essential permissions. These toggles are expected to disable camera or microphone access completely whenever required all over the interface and apps.

Android 12


— Widgets aren’t new to Android, in fact, the operating system has been the pioneer of introducing them. We all know iOS has introduced them with the latest iOS 14. While both of them appear unique/polished in their own ways, the core functionality of them is presumed to be the same. With Android 12, it appears Google is planning to revamp those widgets at least that’s what the alleged screenshots showcase. There seems to be a new polished conversations widget, which will highlight the recent messages in a chat or notify any missed calls, for that matter. The new changes might also likely introduce the ability to edit those widgets with some new features.

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These have been some of the new changes or features witnessed in the alleged Google’s Android 12 leak. As the first developer preview build of the upcoming operating system isn’t released yet, these features are likely subjected to change or ditched completely. Hence, we suggest you consider these features with a grain of salt, nonetheless, and stay tuned for more Android 12 updates in the coming weeks.


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