Germany gets the Nokia 8 with 6 GB RAM

Nokia 8

With Nokia 8 going on sale in India, there’s yet another country where it has derived a huge popularity. Nokia 8 arrived in Germany a few weeks ago and now, its 6 GB variant is all set to hit the nation.

It was released with a 4 GB RAM earlier and Germany has become one of the first countries to get this more powerful variant of the phone! The phone will be available at the cost of €669. Online retailers like Amazon and Otto are providing the Nokia 8 with 6 GB and Otto has the option of monthly installments available for you as well!

Nokia 8

The variant will be available in Polish Blue color. On Amazon, there are more than five retailers with a 90% rating who are selling this new and more powerful Nokia 8. The lowest price is €669 with free delivery. 

Otto, on the other hand, is providing monthly installment plans which include the installment of €18.60 per month (if bought with 48-month plan) and €230.20 per month (3-month plan).

The warranty period can be extended to one more year (additional with 24-months warranty, according to the European Law) with a  payment of €40 in the case of Otto.

Amazon offers an instant delivery while Otto requires up to three weeks for the same. 

Before Germany, Finland got the 6 GB variant of Nokia 8 and we’re waiting for it to land in India soon!

Do you want the 6 GB Nokia 8 too? Let us know about your views and keep following The Mr. Phone for more updates!



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