Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ users face issues of unresponsive areas on the screen

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The last thing any manufacturer would want to hear after sales of a product is hardware issues. But that is exactly what is being reported with the brand new Galaxy S9 duo.

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Specifically, both the Samsung flagships are being reported to have inactive or dead zones on the display. More than a few Users on Reddit and even on Samsung’s community forum have posted the issue. Moreover, the dead zones don’t have any special spot in all the cases. They appear to be in different areas of the screen for different users. According to info, it is most noticeable when typing or using swipe gestures. Further, the issue is not as frequent in the Galaxy S9 as it is on the Galaxy S9+ although the small variant is not free of the annoying problem.

galaxy s9

Since the dead zones aren’t fixed, users have reported varied touch input problems like not being able to pull down the notification or not being able to type on the keyboard. Some people reported alleviating the issue with improved sensitivity but for the most part, the issue persists. Also, factory reset doesn’t seem to work.

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Obviously, this is the stuff of nightmares for manufacturers. The display is the primary point of interaction on a smartphone and if that has even minor issues, consumers will grill you. There has not been any official statement from Samsung regarding this new issue. Many users have already complained to Samsung. Some have even tried to return the handsets but had difficulties with trade-in situations. Stay tuned to  Mr. Phone and download our app to get the latest updates from the world of smartphone technology.


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