Galaxy S9 is taking on iPhone X’s Face ID with enhanced Iris scanner, claim reports

Samsung Galaxy S9

All the hackers around the globe are busy exploring the Apple’s Face ID technology, well now Samsung is allegedly working on an enhanced iris scanner to take on the iPhone X’s enigmatic feature. This iris scanner is in development for the Samsung Galaxy S9 which will override the Galaxy S8. 

Reports suggest that Samsung is currently on the verge of developing a software in order to make facial recognition even faster in the Galaxy S9. Though they are trying their best to develop this software, the other features like specifications and structure would remain the same as the Galaxy S8. 

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S9 allegedly will have an 8 MP front camera with autofocus lens. This fact clearly states that the Samsung device will have something similar to the True depth System which exists on the iPhone X. That will enable to take facial recognition to the next level. To edify you Apple has a technology that projects more than 30,000 infrared dots on to the user’s visage, that produces a 3D facial map which unlocks the device. It happens as soon as the authentication process is complete. Samsung aims at making this process even speedier for its handsets. 

Rumours suggest that the S9 will have a substrate like PCB (SLP) motherboard which helps in giving space to battery packs. This motherboard will be connected to NAND flash memory, DRAM, and application processor. 

Do you feel that the S9 will be able to sabotage iPhone X? Even though the company claims so but what is your opinion. Do you think by overshadowing S8 is a smart move?

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