Samsung Galaxy S9 real pictures leaked, has a 90% screen ratio!

Galaxy S9 feature

Samsung, the South Korean giant, did wonders with the Galaxy Note 8. It even went up to crucial heights to make sure that the device gains the trust of its customers. As many of you might be aware of, the next Flagship phone by Samsung is the Galaxy S9 and it is rumored to launch in CES 2018. The event generally takes place in January and if one was to believe the rumors, it is not long before we can actually witness this major phone by Samsung! 

Today, we have stumbled upon a new leak which allegedly shows the ‘real’ pictures of the S9 and they look nothing less than AMAZING! Let’s dig deeper and discuss everything about this leak.

Galaxy S9 has been leaked

@venyagaskin is the one behind this leak as he has posted these images on Twitter and as expected, they have sparked a lot of attention. This account on Twitter is known for posting accurate renders and images of the upcoming devices and there is a good reason for us to believe these pictures. What is more assuring is the fact that these images do not look fabricated and give a real feel instead!

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Galaxy S9 leaks

A Chinese channel on Twitter named @UnverseIce has also posted some pictures and we cannot help but wonder if they are true, indeed. The Full-screen design used by the Galaxy S8 has continued in the Galaxy S9 but the screen ratio is something that is definitely better than before! The pictures show a device with smaller bezels and larger screen ratio of 90%.

Galaxy S9 leak

In these images of the alleged S9, you can notice the curved edge infinity display and if you are keen enough, you’ll see that the bottom bezels have been reduced dramatically. The upper bezels have also been narrowed down to a level where the earpiece, sensors, and the front camera is placed appropriately. There is no space left for any bezel to show up and if you are a fan of bezel-less displays, this phone should be on your wishlist!

The Chinese Twitter Channel has also asked people about their preference in terms of processors. It is pretty clear that the phone will have two variants, changes being the type of processor. The first variant of S9 will have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, which will launch in December this year. The second variant will run on an Exynos 9810 SoC. 

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Samsung Galaxy S9 images leak

The images show nothing of the rear side and hence, we cannot be sure about any speculation. However, it is believed that the S9 will be laced with dual rear cameras. The phone will also have facial recognition and again, we’ll advise you to take all this information with a grain of salt because leaks are prone to fallacy!

What do you think about these images? Will you buy this phone if it has all the above-mentioned features? Let us know in the comments section below!

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