Samsung Galaxy S10 will come with iPhone X-like Face ID and in-display fingerprint reader

Samsung Galaxy S9

While the moniker of the next Galaxy S flagship is still a subject of discussion, rumours regarding its new features are now starting to show up online. For now, we’ll just call it the Galaxy S10.

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A new report from Korea states that Samsung is planning to introduce 3D sensing cameras like the ones in the front of the iPhone X. Obviously, this would be for the Face Unlock feature. Apple’s innovative implementation was a result of dire need as the Cupertino giant got rid of the age-old Touch ID. However, Samsung is simply doing it because it can. According to the report, Samsung has partnered with an Israeli startup, Mantis Vision for the depth-sensing technology.

However, the report also states that the Galaxy S10 will not forsake the fingerprint reader, instead it will integrate an in-display sensor like the Vivo Apex. This report comes after strong rumours that Samsung has dropped the same tech from the Galaxy Note 9. Apparently, it didn’t pass the stringent quality tests of Samsung. To top it, the handset will be armed with a 5G chip becoming one of the first 5G -enabled handsets ever. 

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Authentication by iPhone X Face ID, Galaxy S10

Apart from this report, the Galaxy S10 will also be one of the very first to boast of a 7nm Snapdragon 855 chip. The Galaxy S10 will complete 10 years of the now famous Galaxy S series. Hence, Samsung will be going in all guns blazing to stick everything on the flagship that comes early next year.

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