Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is getting freezing issues!

Galaxy Note 8 by Samsung

Yesterday only, we were praising the Korean giant for its resilience to cope up with the disastrous effects of the Note 7. Samsung has tried its best to cover all the aspects in the Galaxy Note 8. The battery was tested multiple times so that the customers are safe and we were all praises for that.

A new problem has come up with the Galaxy Note 8 in the form of screen freezing issues. Google Pixel 2 has been in news for the screen burn-in issues as well and while Google did well by extending the warranty on each unit to two years, Samsung is still silent.

Multiple users from multiple (and different) places are complaining about the device getting frozen as soon as they open the contacts app or try to call through any other messaging app. Are you one of these users too? What are your problems with the Galaxy Note 8?

Galaxy Note 8

With such news coming in, it seems unlikely that Samsung will take this matter lightly. The Korean company even distributed 200 units of the Galaxy Note 8 on a Spanish flight to give out the message of it being stable and secure enough to carry on a plane!

The situation deteriorates to a level where they are left with no other option than to restart the device forcefully. In worse cases, users have to let the battery drain completely after which the device restarts (with charging).

While the Pixel 2 faced issues with ghosting, here the whole phone feels kinda buggy when you are not able to operate anything after/during a call!

The news is definitely a blow to Samsung’s reputation because the Galaxy Note 8 was supposed to be the savior of the Korean giant. With such issues flooding in, the $1000 Note 8 won’t be able to satisfy its customers, let alone saving Samsung from yet another scandal.

What do you think about this report? Will you buy the Galaxy Note 8 anyway? Let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned to Mr. Phone.

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