Oppo Reno Ace Infinity to feature FreeVOCC air-charge technology


Oppo has always come up with something new especially in terms of charging technologies. We first got to see the 20W VOOC charging tech. Then it got upgraded to 30W which further got upgraded to 50W and 65W technology. We now have the Reno Ace that comes with a 65W Super VOOC charger. But that’s not all for the brand. Oppo has showcased a new FreeVOOC air-charge technology for the upcoming Reno Ace Infinity smartphone. 

FreeVOOC Technology – What do you expect?

The FreeVOOC air-charge technology enables charging power between 5-10W within 10 meters. The company has released a short promo about FreeVOOC on the Weibo account. The video shows how the FreeVOOC coil is embedded in the rim of the smartphone. There is an absorption layer, a conversion layer and a conductive material. All these materials are responsible for keeping the battery charged forever. 

Oppo claims that this is the future of wireless charging in smartphones. But then there might be a catch. Since this technology has been revealed on April 1, it might actually turn out to be an April Fool’s prank. A lot of companies have done such pranks previously. However, the same communication has been done by the Oppo’s VP and President of Global Marketing, Brian Shen, on Twitter. 

How often do you use wireless charging for your smartphone? Do you think that wireless charging really makes a difference in day-to-day usage? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

Disclaimer: This new wireless charging tech by OPPO might be a prank but we want it to be true. Please take the above information in the lighter note. Maybe this is all we need, a little fun at these trying times. 


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