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Instagram has brought a new change to the way how we look at hashtags. The Facebook-owned picture oriented app is now rooting to become the number one in its field. 

Well, let me cut to the chase you can now follow hashtags on Instagram just like you follow people. For example, you search for something, in particular, then the most relevant hashtags related to that tag will be displayed. When you like a particular page you can click on it and start following it. From then on you will see the top posts from that particular hashtag as well as their latest stories. 

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If you wish you can even unfollow a hashtag just like you do with someone else. If in case you get baffled as to which hashtag to follow do not worry Instagram will guide you. It will show you the list of hashtags other people are following and on the basis of that, you make your decision. But this does not happen with people you don’t follow, you can only see the hashtags followed by the people you follow. 

I feel this is an interesting approach and we can find new people and new topics to explore on Instagram. I love books and it would be great to follow a hashtag which leads me to the greatest libraries in the world. Enjoy folks!

You can even watch Instagram stories offline, know all about it. 

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