Here’s how to fix the lagging issues of Google Pixel and Pixel 2

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2018 has just begun and we have seen multiple issues with major flagships. The Galaxy Note 8 has been facing battery issues while the S8 and S8+ have been facing weird screen turn-on while charging. Google’s Pixel and Pixel 2 phones have joined the league too and they are facing performance issues after their recent software update. 

Some users are facing problems with response time and the installed patches. The reports say that the apps take more time to launch and launching the home screen is taking a lot more time than usual. However, the fix to this issue is amazingly simple – just restarting your device after installing the phone will do the trick.

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Google has mentioned that this problem occurs only when users sideload the update and the ones installing it OTA will not have to face any of it.

Just restart your device if the same happens to you and use your Pixel device seamlessly. Pass on this information to someone in need and let us know if you are facing any other issues in the comments section below.

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