Five things to look out for in iOS 11

iOS 11

Apple is all set to unveil its three new versions of the iPhone in less than two days and with it comes the new iOS powering these new devices.

Here are the top five things that you need to know about the changes coming in iOS 11.

1. Augmented Reality

If you are an active user on Snapchat, you might know about the AR objects that Snapchat has introduced in its filters. If not, here is an example for you.

AR is basically Akshay Rawat (Just Kidding. I mean it is, but in this context, it means Augmented Reality) 😀
Anyhow, AR is basically including 3D modeled objects in the real world where you can interact with them. If you want to know more about AR, here is a video explaining AR from Mr. Phone.

2. Live Photos

Live Photos were first introduced in iPhone 6s and are basically small videos of 3-4 seconds. With iOS 11, there are a few things that you can do with these live photos. You can loop them, make them go to and fro from the starting point, and even use them to create a long exposure to create an image.

3. New FileType for Photos

Apple is going to change its conventional method of storing photos. It is introducing a new compression algorithm which will save nearly half of the memory space it used to take for originally saving photos. This basically means that your device can now store double the amount of photos than the previous ones.

4. Control Centre

This is the first time where Apple is giving power to the users. It is trying to be flexible by giving up control over the control center. You can now customize your icons the way it suits you. Earlier news showcased that there will be screen recording button on the control center in the newest iOS. However, we will find that out in the upcoming keynote.

4. DND for Driving

The new iOS will sense whether you are driving or not and will automatically put the phone in DND. The underlying tech must work based on the location of your GPS and how fast you are moving. We are yet to find out whether it can sense you are driving or you are just the pillion rider on the drive.

5. Improved Maps

Personally, Google Maps has been far more accurate when it comes to Maps but this new update which comprises of including indoor maps of recognized places and landmarks would just be the thing that would set Apple Maps apart.

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