First Ones | Legacy phones that were first in line!

The smartphone industry has come a long way. We have had incredible features which were inaccessible to even desktop computers, right in the palm of our hands.

We can all agree that smartphones have evolved from related mobile phones with, should I say, Semi-smart operating systems. They weren’t so great, but they did set foundations for the future.

This article is more of a personal collection, or something like that about the first (smart)phones to bring the common features, hardware or software, which we all enjoy today. So here’s the list I compiled on the history of mobile evolution. Take a look:

1. Front camera:


Motorola A835 was the first phone to have a front-facing camera.  It was a 0.1 mp camera, meant for video calls! The display was just a small 1.6 inches, so that tiny resolution would suffice. But it wasn’t a smartphone.

There was another candidate for this post back then. The Sony Ericsson Z1010, also released in 2003, had a 1.3 mp VGA camera up front. Pretty standard stuff at the time. Must’ve been a pride to own one back in those days, huh!

2. Fingerprint sensor:

As far as I can recall, Motorola Atrix 4G was the earliest smartphone with a fingerprint scanner built in.

It had a fingerprint scanner on top of the phone, which was reachable as the phone was very small. The camera was at the top left corner on the back panel, and the sensor pad was vertically placed on the top edge.

It was also known to be the most powerful phone at the time with the Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core chipset, at 1 GHz. Pretty dope!

3. Wireless charging:

Palm Pre was a very old smartphone from the days of 2003. It had a QI-enabled wireless charger called the “Touchstone”.

For all the noise Apple makes about its “new” iPhone 8, the palm pre had support for inductive charging a long time ago. You had to put on a separate back panel on your phone to support this, but still, it worked.

4. OIS

Optical image stabilization is a pretty awesome feature to have on your smartphone camera. I’m positive that LG G2 is the very first phone to have this on its 13 mp rear camera.

It surprises me that still many smartphones do not have this on them, even in 2017. It’s a pretty great thing to have on your camera housing, I mean, no one likes blurry shots.

Okay so, what did you think about this post? Let me know down in the comments. Feel free to contact me on Twitter or Facebook, if you talk nerdy to me!

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