Fingerprint Scanners- Are They a Dying Breed?

Fingerprint scanner in iPhone

    While this might be an odd question to ask, it is sort of getting serious. Fingerprint scanners are now everywhere. From our smartphones and laptops to the high-security agencies worldwide, fingerprint scanners are used to verify our identities. Recently, we saw Apple ditch the fingerprint scanner completely with the iPhone X. Will others follow that?

     Why did Apple Do Away with the Fingerprint?

     As you might know, Apple’s latest iPhone has a bezel-less design, and some changes had to be made in order to allow for it. Like all other phones with a high -screen-to-body ratio, the fingerprint scanner cannot be placed on the front, unless it is below the display.

    You might also know that the “in-display “technology still was not figured out and is not ready for the masses. It still is not ready yet, and it will not be ready anytime soon. Apple did not choose to move it to the back this time around. Instead, they ditched it entirely in favor of 3D facial scanning.

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    The functionality of this remains to be seen, but in typical Apple fashion, it is probably going to be great. We will leave it in the hands of testers to know whether it can be fooled or not, that will be a few weeks from now. Take that as you will, it should work just fine.

iPhone X without fingerprint scanner

    Will others follow?

    The answer to this question is debatable. As we say with the headphone jack, many companies followed it. This kind of identifies Apple as a trendsetter. Let’s see whether companies would follow or not and why.


    This would be because the other companies are copycats. They would get rid of the fingerprint scanner, and replace it with a fake facial scanner, that would be very easily fooled with a 2D picture. We have seen this a very long time ago from many companies, such as Samsung and Lenovo. It proved to be very unreliable and easy to fool.

    This will drastically reduce security, and be very inconvenient. Like the headphone jack, the companies will remove it for no reason, and not make room for a better display. Instead, it would be just for looks. The same was done with the headphone jack, which was removed by many companies for various reasons.


    Obviously, the more logical thing to do is to keep the fingerprint scanner. Unless a company can manage to achieve the 3D facial scanning capability. Most companies will not, at least, not in the near future, as Apple claims it is at least 2.5 years ahead of every other company.

    While I do not exactly believe that, I can assure that it will not be until Q3 2018 that any company would be able to do it. The company that does it first would probably Samsung or Huawei. That is just a guess, however, and it is not based on any data.

    The problem is, and we all know it, that the other manufacturers will remove it just to look like Apple. Any replacements will be useless, and the phones will not be practical.

    Of course, this does not apply to the major manufacturers, especially those who have their fingerprint scanners on the back. The smaller manufacturers, such as Xiaomi and Doogee are the ones that will probably be guilty of this before others.

    What do we think?

    I for myself completely disagree with removing such an iconic part of our phones. I purchased my first phone with a fingerprint in late 2016 and got hooked to it. Dreading the moment of restarting my phone, and trying to avoid it because I know I have to enter my PIN code. It might seem trivial, but if you try it, I think you will agree.

   I find it funny how the company to first introduce a feature was also the first to omit it. I do not completely disagree with FaceID, as it makes sense. Now that all phones, from the cheapest to the most expensive have fingerprint scanners, it is time to innovate. This is great, but we are not very sure of how practical it will be. This is why having it replace TouchID is not a good move in my opinion.

Fingerprint scanner in iPhone 5S

    The rest of the Mr.Phone team also agrees that the fingerprint scanner is an essential piece of tech in all our smartphones. There is no reason to remove it, even with a technology like FaceID on the same phone. Having all solutions, such as on the Galaxy S8+ is great, and provides you with a choice.


    I think it was obvious to you, the reader of the article that we strongly disagree with the removal of the fingerprint scanner from our phones. What is your opinion on FaceID? Do you like it? Do you think it should replace fingerprint scanning completely? Make sure to tell us in the comments below, we would love to know your opinion!


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