Facebook is stealing yet another Snapchat feature


The king of social media has now and then been found copying its rival. It applies those features present on Snapchat on its Messenger app. You must have noticed on Snapchat that the more you send snaps to a person an emoji comes right next to his/her name.

I am a huge Snapchat addict and I love sending snaps to my friends, and I love the emojis that comes next to my friend’s name. Every emoji has a different meaning and users are compelled with it and tend to send more snaps. Which is your favourite emoji?

Snapchat logo

Now Facebook Messenger has also started with putting up an emoji next to your friend’s name whom you chat with the most. For those who are not familiar with Snapchat, let us edify you about this emoji appearance. When you send a single person many snaps for two days an emoji will appear next to his/her name. Similarly, the Facebook messenger has copied Snapchat and it allows an emoji to appear in front of the persons’ name you have chatted with in the last two days. All you will get is an emoji and nothing else.

This is not the first time we are watching a Snapchat feature being implemented on Facebook. How long will it last? No one knows. 

Have you seen the emojis yet?

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