Facebook Messenger will now start allowing sponsored messages

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A move that won’t shock you very much but it is true, Facebook is starting advertising on the Messenger app. The testing has already begun and Facebook is sending out sponsored messages from their respective clients. The companies can only send messages to the users with whom they have communicated with before. For example, you contacted a store to inquire about their special offers or deals which they have going on. Now you become a potential customer to them, they will from then on send you various offers, deals, and promotions.


Facebook has recently released the WA Business in beta which will help users connect with official business WhatsApp accounts. 

Currently, the test is being done with a few brands, it will implement wider applications once they get a positive response. According to studies, users will be glad to receive messages directly from the company. Hopefully, for Messenger, its users won’t consider this a botheration and acknowledge the move made by the company.

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