Facebook may ask you to upload your picture for security reasons


By any chance, Facebook suspects something mischevious is going on in your Facebook id. It will demand to upload a picture in order to prove the authenticity of your id. 

A spokesperson for the company said that this test is implemented to “help us catch suspicious activity at various points of interaction on the site, including creating an account, sending Friend requests, setting up ads payments, and creating or editing ads.”


As per Facebook, the picture request is designed in order to keep track of any suspicious activity that is taking place. When the social media site detects some unusual activity the message shown above will pop up immediately and you will have to upload a picture in order to prove it’s you. This is a distinctive test among the other tests, it will help to determine the legitimacy of the user. 

“You Can’t Log In Right Now. We’ll get in touch with you after we’ve reviewed your photo. You’ll now be logged out of Facebook as a security precaution.”

If a situation occurs and the user is not able to log in because the site thought that someone else is using the id or something is fishy. Facebook stands by its name, it will then demand a picture and when it is proved legitimate the user will be able to access its social media account. After verifying the authenticity of the user the picture will be deleted from the servers of Facebook. 

Facial recognition is increasing in today’s world and now most of the smartphones are being in-build with this technology. To implement this on a social media site for security reasons is a great step forward. 

In order to stay always take precautions, if you feel your account has been hacked go to facebook.com/hacked. 

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