ESSENTIAL PH-1: Is it worth even after the price cut?

Essential Phone- 1

It’s been a few months now after the release of the highly anticipated “Essential” phone and it seems the competition has hit hard on Andy Rubin’s company. After the huge price cut of $200, the phone was no doubt a great concept but it did not seem to work well in the market with the competition around.


Essential Ph-1




The phone has a great design with a titanium body and a ceramic back. The body has no branding! It’s just an essential rectangle with rounded corners.

The back of the phone looks beautiful but it can get smudgy at times. The phone feels great in hand. The ceramic body makes the device durable but it is brittle as compared to glass. There is a bit of lag with the fingerprint sensor. The display is awesome! The little cut-out at the top looks cool and gives the phone a unique look.

The only problem I found was that it’s not an OLED display. They could have done pretty great stuff with an OLED display but sadly the company did not opt for it. The phone has a pretty premium feel in terms of the hardware.


 First of all, the audio jack is missing!! The most essential feature “audio” is not their priority. The speakers are not that great too. They get loud but the quality is pretty bad.

The camera is not up to the mark too. The images are mediocre, nothing too great about it.  The phone comes with a dual camera setup (13 MP RGB+ Monochrome f/1.85). The images are noisy and the only special feature that it offers is the black and white photos. The camera can be improved with some software updates but pushing the quality this bad to a respectable position is nearly impossible.

On the plus point, the device comes with pure android! It has no bloat-ware just a couple of Google apps installed. The stock experience adds up to higher performance with the Snapdragon 835 packed into it.


When you speak of a flagship device, one expects of a premium device with all the premium features including the software. Sadly, Essential lacks many features.The only reason to buy the phone is for its premium design and to get a pure android experience. Surely, this is not why you buy a flagship worth 499$. Even with this huge downfall in the price, there are pretty great phones available at its present cost. My advice is to save your money and wait for its successor!

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