Your employer can watch your actions on Google Incognito

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Re-think fellas if you feel that Google Chrome’s incognito mode is private, your search results can be obtained by the person you are working for. 

Darin Fisher ( Google developer ) said, “When you launch the incognito tab there’s this disclaimer there where we really try to help make it really clear to people that your activity is certainly still visible to the websites you visit and could be visible to your employer, to your school, and to your ISP [internet service provider] of course”. 

Google Incognito 

He added that when you open the window for Incognito you can see a warning. That your activity is visible to your employer. Any files that you download or create a bookmark are kept safely but Google Incognito doesn’t hide this information from your boss. Instead, Incognito users are recommended to use it with false statements like it keeps your web usage a secret. 

If you are a student or an employee of a company you can easily use Google Incognito. But be very well aware that your employer can access to what you have searched for. 

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