Dyson V11 Absolute Pro review: will sweep up all the best vacuum cleaner awards and the dust

Rating: 9/10


  • Extremely-functional and beautiful design
  • Phenomenal suction power
  • Convenient LED for info
  • Lots of attachment tools
  • Convenient to clean the bin


  • Expensive
  • Battery life could’ve been longer
  • Slightly heavy for extended use
  • Repacking the tools back into the cardboard boxes is a pain
  • No trigger lock (absolutely required for the sensitive trigger)


Vacuum cleaning a house is a chore. I should know because — ever since we’ve all been locked up inside our house — the task of cleaning our apartment in Gurgaon, India has fallen on my shoulders. Helping me vacuum, currently, is a Philips PowerPro FC9352/01 with a long hose. This one has a corded cable – with a neat stowaway section. The suction power is very good and this is one of the best corded vacuum cleaners you can buy in India.  

But when Dyson sent across the V11 Absolute Pro vacuum cleaner, everything changed. My perception of vacuum cleaners changed for good. I didn’t ever think that I’d love a vacuum cleaner so dearly. 

P.S. it does have flaws and I shall highlight them too, don’t worry, I am not blinded by the awesomeness of the Dyson V11 Absolute Pro to lose out on my objectivity. Yet… 

Designed unlike any other vacuum out there

The Dyson Absolute V11 Pro is designed unlike any other vacuum you’ve seen in your life. And, I am not even remotely surprised considering my first tryst with a Dyson product was in Berlin’s popular Saturn chain of electronic stores. It was the bladeless Dyson Cool Air Multiplier Tower fan. To see that an electronic equipment was doing the work of a fan without using actual blades made my mind boggle. This British company is a pioneer of innovative engineering and the V11 Absolute Pro lives up to that legacy. 

The V11 Absolute Pro carries forward Dyson’s patented vacuum cleaner design that looks like a gun from another planet. You have a filter attached to the garbage bin, which can then connect to an assortment of cleaning aid attachments. You get 12 tools and accessories with the V11 Pro. I have to say this though, the packing is very neatly done to save space and to keep things compact. But, it is very difficult to put the tools back the right way into the box. Mine is currently a mess. 

Anyway, you can take a look at the screengrab below to see all the extra attachments you get in the box. I mean, apart from the charger, the wall dock, and wand storage clip. I’ll tell you which ones I used extensively in the next section.


Now, if you want to attach one of the cleaning tools – for example, the quick release crevice tool – all you need to do is clip it using the bright red plastic latch. It makes such a satisfying click sound. Removing it is easy too. 

As for the rest of the design, you have the unit up top with the LED display which is attached to the filter unit. This filter unit is attached to the garbage bin. Let’s start talking about each one by one. 

The LED display is possibly the most useful upgrade from previous Dyson vacuums. You get a single large button that cycles through different modes – Auto, Eco, Medium, and Boost. As the name suggests, each mode has different levels of intensity. Plus, you can clearly see how much battery is remaining on each level. Obviously, if you use the Eco mode you can use the cleaner for longer because it has the least intensity. 

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I found that I was using the V11 Absolute Pro in the Medium mode most of the time and it lasted me around an hour of usage. This is good enough for a 1500s sq. ft. 2BHK but bigger houses will take longer and the battery will definitely die on you. Now, that’s a problem because Absolute V11 Pro takes 4 hrs 30 mins to charge. So, before you clean the entire house, your battery might give up on you. Which means, you’ll have to keep it on charge and wait for a couple of hours before you can start cleaning again. 

However, this is a major drawback of portable equipment anyway. For example, if you look at Sony’s Alpha series of mirrorless cameras, those are more compact compared to DSLRs and therefore suffer in the battery life department. I still think the V11 Absolute Pro’s battery life is not too bad but it could’ve been better. 

By the way, the display also gives you a clear indication if there is any blockage of any sort. How handy is that?

Moving on to the filter, you can remove it and clean it easily and it does require periodic cleaning mind you. Having said that, it is one of the most powerful filters inside a vacuum cleaner. It traps about 99.97% of the particles as small as 0.3 microns. What this means is your house will have cleaner air too, if we have to believe Dyson’s claim because this is one thing I couldn’t test objectively. 

Finally, we have the dust bin. This is possibly the coolest design element of the V11 Absolute Pro. With one swooping motion you can clear out the dust bin. I’d suggest a straight up 90-degree angle to shoot the dust out. It will ensure that maximum dust has been cleared out. That said, the grimier bits of dust tend to stick to the bin and you will need to wash it out with water. If you do wash it with water, don’t forget to dry it out entirely before you start using it again. That reminds me, the V11 Pro cannot do wet cleaning. 

So yeah, the V11 Absolute Pro is a stunner when it comes to design and the design is not just skin deep. There are genuine functional improvements that can put other vacuum cleaners to shame. 

Glides, dusts, and sucks (literally) like a pro

Working the V11 Absolute Pro is simple. Point the nozzle to the area that you want cleaned, pull the trigger, and the Dyson will suck all the dust like a pro. Talking about the trigger, it is very sensitive and gets pressed very easily. I wish there was some sort of trigger lock mechanism to prevent accidental trigger pulls. It would be pretty helpful and help save battery life too (whatever little, you can). 

When I saw the attachments, my mind boggled. I couldn’t tell which one to use. But then I did some reading and realised that for my cleaning purposes I needed only three attachments for most use cases: Nickel High Torque Drive, Crevice tool, and the Soft Dusting Brush. The others I used sparingly was the Mini Motorised Tool and the Soft Roller head. This made me wonder if Dyson could customise orders based on the attachments one would need. This would help us save some money. 

So, when I started using the V11 Absolute Pro with the Nickel High Torque Drive tool, I was blown away at the level of cleaning I could do with a single tool. The suction power is the best in the world and it was a massive step up from my corded Philips Vacuum cleaner, which is pretty good to begin with. I could glide between a hard surface and a soft carpet in our living room with consummate ease, all while cleaning up every single speck of dust. 

You know how I knew the Dyson was better than the Philips? While cleaning with the Philips vacuum cleaner, even after cleaning a particular area I’d feel tiny specs of dust on the underside of my feet. These were mostly invisible to my naked eye. With the Dyson, it felt as though I’d entered a house that had gone through some sort of deep cleaning. Also, the carpets turned brand new. Most importantly, what used to take me 45 mins to clean now took me only 25 mins. But, the kicker was how the same tool cleaned up Mhysa’s hair shedding from her bed. It is actually tough to vacuum hair out of a floppy mattress, but it was a cinch for the V11 Absolute Pro. Just look at the pictures for reference. 

And, with the crevice tool, I could reach the corners easily. So, I used the soft dusting brush for dusting but I felt the 3kg weight was a bit much for dusting. I decided to use the regular dusting brush instead. That reminds me, the V11 Absolute Pro is deceptively heavy. So, if you plan on doing a marathon cleaning session, it could weigh down on your hand. 

So yeah, the Dyson V11 Absolute Pro, whichever tool you use, just exceeds expectations when it comes to cleaning. Mighty impressive, I must say. 

Should you buy it?

Dyson is to the world of vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, and hair dryers, what Apple is to the world of smartphones and smartwatches. Other brands look up to these brands for innovative engineering. 

Here’s the thing though, the V11 Absolute Pro is an expensive proposition at Rs 52,999. In fact, the Gold variant is even more expensive but comes with a floor-standing dock. Side note: I find that pretty handy considering you don’t have to waste wall space to drill in the wall dock. Portability is the key here. 

Anyway, the Philips vacuum I currently use costs a fraction the V11 Absolute Pro at a shade under Rs 10,000. Although, it doesn’t even come close when it comes to convenience and engineering. Essentially, you have to pay a hefty price for the convenience of using it. But, if you can afford it, then it is totally worth it and it will be a purchase that you relish. And, you can get a Dyson vacuum at 0% interest-free loan for 2 years. For a product that will possibly last you at least 6 to 8 years and for the mind-blowing engineering, the sticker price feels justified. 

However, I find the older V7 Animal to be a particularly good alternative at around Rs 30,000. I know, it is still pretty expensive but not as much. So, you can definitely end up saving some money and get a very similar level of the famed Dyson vacuum cleaning goodness. 


All, I have to say to conclude is – I am saving up for one of these because it does these three things really well:

1. Keep the house spic and span. 

2. Save time required to clean by being more convenient and powerful. And hence, leaving me with more time for other, more pressing tasks.

3. Look attractive and spruce up your interiors. 

What do you guys think? Let me know. 

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