DxOMark gives a whopping score of 101 to iPhone X for photos!

iPhone X

DxOMark is a website which gives out scores to phones for their camera sensors and quality. We wrote a detailed article for giving you a keen insight into what DxOMark is. In the latest turn of events, iPhone X has overthrown every premium phone and has scored a rating of 101! 

The DxOMark score of iPhone X for photos is a whopping 101 and obviously, it is the greatest than any other phone has ever got. Prior to the mighty iPhone X the highest DxOMark score for photography was 100 and it was attained by the Galaxy Note 8 and Huawei Mate 10 Pro

iPhone X camera shots

Overthrowing the two phones, iPhone X has basically shown that it is the King, indeed. But should you consider the DxOMark score as the ultimate factor? According to us, it is a big no.

Despite the DxOMark labs and rigorous tests, we can’t be sure that a phone will perform better than the others in normal conditions.

iPhone X

DxOMark applauded the revolutionary iPhone X for its exposure and accuracy of colors in all lighting situations. The bokeh shots were pretty natural and the camera sensor took stunning photos with and without zoom. 

iPhone X bokeh mode

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However, the website didn’t like the occasionally faltering auto focus and other issues in low light. For instance, the problems of ghosting and red-eye in pictures with flash were quite common.

iPhone X on DxOMark

The video aspect of the iPhone X got a DxOMark score of 89 which is, yes you’re right, too low! The overall score of the phone went down to 97 and we couldn’t help but wish for a better performance by the video camera! iPhone X shares the second spot with the Mate 10 Pro in overall ranking. The first spot is booked by the Google Pixel 2 with an overall score of 98!

iPhone X and red eye issue

Know more about the Pixel 2 and its DxOMark score here!

Do you think that this score is justified? Can Apple improve the score with their upcoming phones in 2018? Share your views with me in the comments section below. 




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