What does the dream smart phone of 2017 look like?

Dream Smart phone

We all have our likes and dislikes when it comes to smartphones. We all have preferences over the other. Every single time we put our hands on a smartphone, we completely love a particular feature way more than anything else. But then, there are some features on some smartphones which win the hearts of people by a majority. What if we could have a Frankenstein phone that would bring in all the beloved features over a range of smartphones, into a single device? This might be the right time for the article as every OEM has given their best and were at the end of 2017.  Read on to find what would be my dream smartphone in 2017.



The Pixel 2 XL had its fair share of problems with the display and some bugs around a hissing sound and all. True, but the one thing that stood out the most is its single lens camera system that leaves the high-end dual camera setups to shame. With a DxOMark score of 99, I would certainly like to have my dream phone, have the Pixel 2’s camera housing with its HDR+ algorithm.

Best camera phone - Pixel 2 XL

Operating System


While we keep debating on Android vs IOS, the only thing lagging in android was the absence of optimization. But with the Pixel 2 XL’s bloat-free stock Android Nougat and Oreo, we can surely pat Google on the back for doing a good job on giving us that optimization that we desired.

Along with options to customize your way throughout and get productivity work done without a hassle to go through different apps for syncing your file and giving you an open platform to use it the way you want to. The Pixel 2’s software definitely takes the edge as a productivity beast and not limiting the user plus gives you the unhinged optimizations that you desire. I’d settle for the stock Android of the Pixel 2 for my dream phone.

Best OS on a phone - Pixel 2 XL



Now, we all know how important is the display to us. You definitely want to enjoy that vibrant color when binge watching over your phone on Netflix or Hulu. The photography nerds would love to see the colors pop on their good photos. Without a doubt, the Display Award goes to the Note 8 which is by far the best display any smartphone has seen till date.

 The Note 8 uses the super AMOLED screen from Samsung and has put on their A game when it comes to making the colors pop as you need to browse through your Instagram feed or the Bored Panda app to get some good content to watch. I’d vote for the Note 8 display for the dream phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8


Samsung runs it again with the Build quality. A staggering 5.8-inch screen with a sleek look, though boxy, definitely adds to the appeal. The Note 8 does well on the build and yes there are many debatable substitutes, but I like big screens and yes the Note 8 adds up value to that.

Best Build - Galaxy Note 8



Although the Snapdragon processors paired with the Adreno GPU’s did market themselves well and got a fair share of business by putting their processors on almost all the Android devices, they still fail largely to the A10X’s and A11’s of Apple.

The Apple CPU and GPU chipsets have made us look at awe as the iPhones and iPad’s have glared through heavy games with easy and minimal processing. Apple Pioneers in making very powerful mobile chipsets and I would certainly call them out for adding the A11 bionic chip or the future ones to my dream phone. In this matter, the iPhone X surpasses them all!

iPhone X - best processor phone



Some of us like to listen to music, but not always on a headphone. We love to listen to stereo speakers as we watch a movie or stream through a song. The Razer phone stands to be having the best speakers on a smartphone till date. It stands to be the only phone that supports Dolby Atmos on their dual speaker grill.

Now, I’m no Audiophile but Dolby Atmos rocks and I say that cause I do play Xbox games that support Dolby Atmos at my home theater and it sounds amazing. Imagine the same level of immersion and sound quality coming from your phone as you steer your way through a bunch of rivals on the Need for Speed race track. I’d definitely dig that on my Dream phone.

Razer phone - Best speakers



Now, of what good use are all of the features above if your phone is dead. Sucks the most when you see that 3% mark on battery percentage on the middle of your day and you just wish that low power mode really works its wonder but no it’s not that forgiving at all!

So now, a 4000 mAh battery could definitely help you with that. It shows great generosity as you can just glide through your day and probably the next day even, provided you’re not a phone addict like me. And yes, the Razer phone charms its way again. In 4000 mAH, you have set the gold standard. There is nothing that tops this off at least today and I would love to have it on my Dream phone.




True that Apple thinks headphone jack is a thing of the past, but I beg to differ. No, it’s still here and I still love it and so does many like minded people like me. And who can do it better than the LG V30 that gives you a dedicated Quad DAC for its audiophile fans? Personally, I have used the V20 audio jack a lot and loved it.

I can only imagine the V30 beating its predecessor’s record. It sounds vibrant, crisp, detailed and awesome. You get to enjoy every single beat, the sound instrument in the music as you plug in those high-end headphones into the LG V30’s audio jack. So I’d reserve this for my dream phone.

Best headphones - LG V30


So there you have it. The best of all worlds. To summarize:

Camera and Software Pixel 2
Display and Build Galaxy Note 8
CPU/GPU Chip IPhone X
Speakers and Battery Razer Phone
Headphones LG V30

If a phone with all these features combined ever gets launched, it would sell like hot cake. Let me know if you think the same in the comments section below!

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