Don’t ignore Android, Snapchat learnt it the hard way

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Snapchat has been one of our favourite apps it was the one with the original idea of posting stories and the rest of the apps became copycats. But recently Snapchat has learnt that ignoring Android is the clear way to a doomsday. Evan Spiegel said, that they need to “accelerate the adoption of our product among Android users”.

There is a lot of hardcore evidence that supports the fact that Android is paid lesser attention than compared to iOS. Recently Snapchat rolled out many cool features like face filters and stickers but it made a debut on iOS first and then on to Android. Snapchat needs to know that they can not treat Android as a secondary option. They learnt this because Snap (parent company of Snapchat) released the financial results for the third quarter which were bad. 

This issue clearly states that app developers and companies which are focussing on iOS platform and ignoring Android. They could be losing out on a lot of new users, and now pragmatism hit the nail that Android users cannot be taken lightly. 

Snapchat logo

This is an old-time thing, Android users get all the updates later than the iOS users. For example, Nintendo had launched its first mobile game ( Super Mario Run ) on iOS in December of 2016. The Android users got the mobile game in March 2017, you can yourself see the huge time gap. After this, the company had two more mobile games launched but they did it at the same time. 

The Android market is very large to be ignored, we although know why app developer concentrates on iOS. There are few models of iPhones and iPads and making the app to run on them is an easy task. It is not such that iPhones are less in the market the company sales dominate the entire globe. Even Google is working hard to make its apps Android friendly because the search giant has realised that they cannot ignore Android market. 

We are happy that Snapchat has realised that, it is always better late than never. Android apps are a little tricky but the benefits of the number of users are gigantic. We hope that Snapchat will set a trend that the Android platform is the topmost priority in app development. 

Let us know what you feel about the change in the outlook of the Android platform? Are you in favour of iOS or Android? Let us know what you feel in the comments section below. 

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