You can now delete messages for all recipients on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has rolled out the much-awaited feature where a user can delete a sent message not only for himself but for the recipient as well! The feature is already available on Instagram and to be honest, it was time that our most favorite messaging app rolls out the message recalling feature!

The feature has been “allegedly” launched a million times in the last few months but there was no truth to such leaks! The feature is rolling out slowly and in some days, it will be available for each WhatsApp user. 

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Using this feature, you can not only erase a message from your device but the receiver’s device as well. You don’t need to worry about sending an important or confidential text to a wrong person or sending a typo message in an official conversation.

All the bad texters can now take a sigh of relief and so can the people who have a pathetic autocorrect (it can be turned off manually though!).

If you’re smart enough, you can use this feature to make some confessions and it won’t even be visible after a few seconds. We are not advising you to do it though!

How can we use the message recall feature of WhatsApp?

The feature is even more amazing because it is easy to use. Follow the given steps and you’re good to go-

  1. Select the message you want to recall
  2. Click on the bin/trash option in the title bar
  3. Choose the “delete for everyone” option
  4. Rejoice and take a sigh of relief

Message recall  feature in WhatsApp

On the other hand, it might even reduce the chances of texting someone “accidentally”. You know what I mean, right?

But what is the downside to this feature of WhatsApp?

All good things do come at a price and it is especially true as far as technology is concerned! The message recall feature of WhatsApp has some loopholes.

First of all, you can only delete a message within seven minutes of sending it. If you try to recall that message after seven minutes, you’ll lose the option of deleting it for all. You need to be quick with this one.

New message recall feature in WhatsApp

Secondly, you can only use this feature if the recipient has the latest version of WhatsApp. If he/she is using an older version, they would be able to see and keep that message like the good old times.

Third, you can never know if the message got recalled properly or not. There will be no notification to tell you that the message has been recalled properly. Another fact is that the recipient can always see that you have recalled the message as it will come as “this message was deleted” in their phone and yours as well.

WhatsApp and its new feature

Fourth, even after recalling the message, there are strong chances that the recipient has already seen and read that text. He/she will just not be able to take screenshots if you delete it fast enough. Is it still that awesome?

Will every user get it?

The feature will definitely roll out for every user but as of now, there is a lot of confusion. Some beta testers are able to use the feature both as senders and receivers. Some of the people are not able to recall messages themselves but if the other beta tester deletes a message, they can see the “this message was deleted” phrase.

Being a server-side rollout, nothing can be said about the versions which will be getting it as of now. You can get the functional message recall feature from APK Mirror or from the Play Store beta.

Are you excited for this feature? What will you use it for? Let us know and keep reading more!

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