The dating apps that you would love.

The dating apps that you would love.



Dating has come of age and – as a society – we are no longer shy of exercising our right to love and longing. Testimony to this fact are the large number of dating apps that have flooded the market lately.

We did a detailed comparison to identify which dating app is suited for most folks, using these specific parameters: privacy, fun, compatibility, features, and ease-of-use.

However, let it be known that we decided to give more weightage to privacy. Primarily because, women are still apprehensive when it comes to using dating apps to find a right partner. We’ve noticed that women are happy to go out and date, but at the same time they want to be guaranteed a certain degree of comfort and safety in the process.

Let’s get down to it and find out which are the best, most secure dating apps you should download.

1. WOO

WOO is specially designed with bespoke features aimed at empowering the womenfolk. Take for example the ‘Woo Phone’ feature. This dedicated mode allows women to make calls over the internet without actually revealing a contact number. This allows women to chat and get to know a person well, before she actually decides to meet. It is an ingenious idea that finds the perfect solution for the “apprehension” problem.

Another privacy feature is called ‘WOO Secret’, which conceals the woman’s name, number, and location.

With privacy taken care of, the app also includes a fun compatibility feature called ‘WOO Same’ to helps users find matches with common interests, by the use of pre-filtered tags. Additionally, the ‘Crush’ feature sends a direct message to speeds things up, while ‘WOO Ask’ gives women a bonus question in their profile to improve their chances of finding the Mr. Right!

To download WOO, click here for iOS and here for Android.

2. Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel is the most unique dating app we’ve used. The concept of the app is such that the underlying algorithm will send up to 21 quality matches – also known as “Bagels” – to registered males. These men can then choose to either ‘Like’ or ‘Pass’ as per choice.

Then the magic starts. The app’s algorithm goes on overdrive to curate the best potential matches for women from among the men who have expressed an interest. The major pull of Coffee Meets Bagel is that it only lets women see men who have liked them. This eliminates all the anxious waiting and watching, and gives you a clear idea of who likes you!

To download Coffee Meets Bagel, click here for iOS and here for Android.

3. Tinder

A pioneer in the dating app space, Tinder has become synonymous with online dating. Its unique algorithm helps you find someone with merely a swipe. The success of an app can be determined by the number of apps trying to clone the features or UI elements. And trust us when we say this, there are many Tinder-lookalikes out there.

Simple feature additions like ‘Super Like’ – which lets you show that you are interested more than usual in someone – are crowd pullers. You can also use the in-depth settings that uses distance data, your age and gender to narrow down your search options. And therefore, bring you one step closer to your next date.

Moreover, using the ‘mutual friends’ feature you can make the app more social, and secure, as it allows you to find common friends with ease. Let’s not forget that Tinder has a global presence and you can use it to find a match when you travel to different countries as well.

To download Tinder, click here for iOS and here for Android.

4. Twin Dog

If you’re dog-obsessed here is where you can rest be assured you’re in good company. Pick your future partner based on their dog preferences; small, scruffy, or otherwise.

A niche app that has a core audience of dog lovers. While it might not really help you find your one true love, it might narrow down the options for you. After all, every dog has his day. Eh? Eh? Okay, sorry for that bad joke.

To download Tin Dog, click here for iOS and here for Android.

5. Hinge

Hinge is provocative. It is risqué. The premise of the app is clear – you match with your friend’s friends on Facebook. It is unabashedly brash and make no mistake, if you use Hinge your friends are bound to find out about your clandestine affair sooner than later.

This app is for the free soul. The folks who like to get to the point and eliminate the wingman. Barney (Neil Patrick Harris from How I Met Your Mother) is bound to be disappointed. If the word ‘inhibition’ doesn’t exist in your personal dictionary, Hinge could throw the door wide open.

But, a word of caution, you must be bold for Hinge.

To download Hinge, click here for iOS and here for Android.


Now that we have come to the end of our list, we are sure that you have a personal favourite too. Do let us know in the comments section below.

This article is entirely the author’s personal opinion and not Mr. Phone’s.

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