Coolpad sues Xiaomi for patent infrigement, wants Redmi Note 5 Pro and 7 other devices banned

Xiaomi sued by Coolpad, Redmi Note 5 Pro could be banned

Coolpad had filed a case against Xiaomi three months ago. The company’s reason behind dragging the Chinese OEM leader to court is patent infringement. Coolpad’s CEO thought that the matter would be solved outside the court but that didn’t happen and now, Xiaomi is going to battle against it in Shenzhen Intermediate People’s Court.

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Coolpad has announced the lawsuit officially now after informing Xiaomi of the infringement in January. The patent is related to a software which is called  “Method for Implementing Call Record Interface System of Multi-Mode Mobile Communication Terminal”. The company has also cited some other infringements including app icon management, notifications and UI of the system. As a result, Coolpad is now asking the court to ban eight Xiaomi phones which carry these features against the former’s wishes and permissions. 

Xiaomi mi 6

This is not all, as the company also wants to obtain a fine from Xiaomi. The eight phones in question are:

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Coolpad isn’t going to take this lightly. Its CEO also mentioned that it will sue other companies which have infringed any of its 10,000 patents. The Redmi Note maker has said that it hasn’t received any notice from the court. Among such confusion, only time can tell what happens. However, if the court does decide to ban these phones, the company will suffer a huge monetary loss and its reputation will also be compromised in the global market. 

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