How to connect your Reliance JioPhone to any TV


Before we begin setup, please note that the channels are streamed from the phone to the TV using the mobile data, so access to JioTV will cost you Rs. 309 per month and the plan also includes voice calls and data services.

One of the biggest side effects of the internet has been the steady decline of cable TV and while the world is moving slowly towards online streaming services, we are still behind. Well, not anymore, with the huge popularity of Jio in India, each one of you with a JioPhone and a TV can watch online content. Here’s how:

The JioPhone does not come with the required cables in the box. So, here are some pre-requisites:

  • HDMI port Connector and cable for LED TVs
  • RCA port Connector and cable for CRT TVs

That’s it. Go to JioTV app on the JioPhone and enjoy the online life.

Here are some Pros and Cons of streaming through a JioPhone:


  • Extremely affordable and easy to use
  • Even as you stream TV channels from the phone, you can continue using the phone for other apps.



  • Instead of a dedicated remote, you need to use the phone’s navigation buttons to switch between channels.
  • With the JioPhone, you get access to select television channels and the library is not yet at par with other media streaming devices, however, with the pace at which the company is growing, we are more than likely to see a lot more channels in the future.

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