The complete verdict of the LG V30 and its comparison to the other phones of 2017

The LG V30

When launched, the LG V30 caused a lot of buzz in the mobile world. It was yet another 2017 flagship with the perfect design and specs. However, it has arguably the best smartphone display out there, neck and neck with the Galaxy Note 8.

LG V30 VS Competition

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What does the V30 compare to?

So far we have seen a ton of smartphones launches this year. Most of these were of the same spec and had their own unique design. The highlights of comparable devices are the Galaxy Note 8, Essential PH-1, iPhone X, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, and maybe the Huawei P10+ in some ways

    Where does the V30 excel?

    The V30 has many redeeming features including a gorgeous design with minimal bezels, excellent camera, and audio capabilities. Let’s take a look at those qualities in more detail.


    In general terms, the LG V30 has a display that blows away almost every other device including Galaxy Note 8, which is known for its impressive display. While it might not be necessarily better than that of the V30, it is simply the best in the market. The previously mentioned devices have great displays too but simply are not as good as that found in the V30 or the Note 8.


    The LG V30 has arguably the most advanced camera hardware in the smartphone industry. With dual 12MP cameras, the phone is capable of taking the most beautiful shots on a smartphone. Dual OIS improves the superior video quality, eliminating the shaking caused by body movements.


    The LG V30 is the star of the show when it comes to audio. The Quad DAC transmits great audio through the premium earphones in the box.  Not only is this with the stock headphones, but also with pretty much any earphones. This definitely will not make your $5 headphones sound like $100 Skull Candy, but you will notice a big difference in quality, up to a certain level.

Where does it fall behind?

     Nowhere, really. The phone offers superior qualities in every category. Performance is top notch, with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. The GPU is the Adreno 570. This makes you fly through the interface, and there is no game that the V30 cannot run. The UI goes super smoothly and barely any lag is noticeable. 

    There is not necessarily a place where the V30 lacks behind the competition, but there are many places it is right on par with the best of the best. Performance and Build quality are examples of that. The glass and metal sandwich design is not only very premium but also very comfortable to handle and use. The design is well thought out, and is in my opinion a cross over between the LG G6 and Galaxy S8+.

  The Final Verdict

    In 2017, this phone is a great buy. It offers everything you would expect out of a 2017 flagship. The great design, display, performance, and price are all on par with, if not better than most other phones of this year.

Would you buy the LG V30? Why or why not? Make sure to let us know down in the comments below, we would love to know your opinion.

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