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iPhone 7 vs iPhone 8

I have already compared the larger of the two iPhone generations namely the iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus. Let’s do the same with the smaller ones. Here is a detailed comparison of the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 8. Let’s just see how much has ‘changed’.

Designs: Both these iPhones have the same familiar form factor. They’re amongst those fast diminishing species of one-handed phones. They remain identical in slimness, though the 8 feels significantly heavier than the 7.

Differences translate to the choice of materials as well. The 8 has a glass back whereas the 7 still had a brushed aluminum back. I prefer the latter, simply because it is a bit easier to hold onto than the smudge-prone, slippery glass, but that’s personal preference.


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At least this year, we won’t have that ugly metallic oxidation that we usually see on Apple’s previous metal backed devices. Take a look at a 2+-year-old iPhone’s metal back, and you’ll know what I mean!

Other than the insanely outdated design and the unforgivably small screen to body ratio, everything ‘else’ is fine on the design side of things, no matter which one you choose.

Displays: There hasn’t been anything new in the display department to write home about. It’s still the awful 750p resolution on both, but at least the iPhone 8 has a true tone display. It adjusts the white balance of the display to the ambiance of the surroundings. It’s a light add-on but pretty sweet to have on your phone!

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The brightness and the color tuning seems pretty much similar. You aren’t really missing out on a whole lot with the older iPhone 7.

Performance: This is where things start to change by significant margins. The iPhone 8 and it’s new A11 bionic chipset is noticeably faster than the iPhone 7. It is also incredibly power efficient than the A10 fusion.

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It is a new hexacore set up as opposed to the quad-core CPU on the iPhone 7. The difference is that the A11 can use all the 6 cores at the same time whereas the A10 can only use 2 cores at a time.

So the iPhone 7 is pretty much a dual-core phone with 2 extra cores to spare. This explains why there is a staggering increase in the ‘multi-core score’ on the iPhone 8 compared to the iPhone 7.

The fingerprint sensor on the new iPhone is slightly faster than TouchID on the already snappy iPhone 7. You won’t notice the speed in real life unless compared side by side.

The new CPU can do some amazing things on ARKit. I haven’t seen any other phone (except maybe the Zenfone AR) handle Real-time computation like this. Very impressive, Apple! That is something that you just won’t get on the iPhone 7.

Cameras: The New iPhone 8 has some enhancements in the video department. As compared to the iPhone 7, the 8 had a new high-efficiency compression format called hevc. It reduces file sizes drastically.

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Other than that, the new iPhone can do 60fps 4K video and 240 fps slo-mo at 1080p. Pretty dope huh! Not just the iPhone 7, no other phone in the market can do that as of now.

Picture quality wise, you don’t get a whole lot. The lens used on this phone is pretty good, without any light flare issues. You get slightly more saturated images due to the newer algorithm on the iPhone 8, as compared to the iPhone 7.

Battery life: Another significant improvement is seen in the endurance department. The iPhone 8 easily outlasts the iPhone 7 in the battery bench, as well as in real-world usage. The new A11 CPU has to be pretty awesome in power management because the battery sizes have actually shrunk this time!

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So if you want good battery life in your mini iPhone, you have to get the iPhone 8 on the iPhone 7.

Final verdict: Alrighty then, let’s wrap this up! It’s pretty obvious, right? The iPhone 8 is the better phone, with “new” wireless charging and what not. But regardless of how hard Android fans are laughing right now, they’re both pretty good phones.

If you want a decent phone with excellent performance and if you don’t care about the battery as much for some reason, get the iPhone 7. But if you want the best possible mini Apple phone out there, the iPhone 8 is your best bet.

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