Comparison | Google Pixel 2 XL VS iPhone 8 Plus

This is a bit of an improper comparison because I feel the proper competitor to the Pixel 2 XL is the iPhone X. But since we don’t have it yet, we’ll just have to make do with Apple’s current ‘big’ phone, the iPhone 8 Plus.

How does Apple’s current best compare to Google’s best? Let’s find out.

Designs: The Pixel 2 XL and the iPhone 8 plus share very little in the design department. Apple went for an all-glass back panel this time and pixel still has that dual material play going on.

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The iPhone is supposed to have the most stable glass every on any phone out there. Drop tests and numerous videos have proven it to be false. That said, it doesn’t scratch easily like regular tempered glass.

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The Pixel 2 XL, on the other hand, has a metal body, coated with some kind is fine premium paint-like material. It scrapes off of sharp objects but feels good to hold. It gives additional grip to the already pretty ergonomic phone.

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It even has an easier to reach volume buttons, which is pretty important to big phones in my opinion. iPhone 8 still has the power button as high as you can put it. It’s a bit of a stretch to tech for it with your thumb, especially if you have smaller things like I do.

Personally, I love the Pixel’s design. The perfect blend of style and comfort makes it my pick for the better phone design.

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iPhone had EXACTLY the same front as 3 years ago, so you’ll most likely feel very nostalgic when you hold your “new” iPhone 8 Plus device.

Read everything about the Pixel 2 XL here!

Displays: Both devices are large, the iPhone 8 Plus being a bit wider than the Pixel 2 XL. Still, the Pixel packs a bigger display than the iPhone does. It’s a 6 inch 1440p P-OLED panel vs at 5.5 inch 1080p IPS LCD panel. Usually, the iPhone would easily lose here. But this time, it took me some time to declare it as the loser.

The iPhone 8 Plus has true tone on its display, which adapts the display’s wrote handle according to the ambiance. Pretty cool and it looks nice too.

The Pixel’s P-OLED panel made by LG is pretty good but packs some disappointments for dessert. The bluish tint on it and some graininess issues to some others have caused a lot of negativity about this panel.

Image result for Pixel 2 XL display issue

Though it looks totally fine upon first sight, it sucks to have such issues on an equally expensive phone.

Yes, it still beats the iPhone’s display panel, obviously. But not by much this time!

Performance: Oh, how the tables have turned! The iPhone and it’s hexacore A11 CPU pretty much crushes all other mobile devices out there, on raw power. The AR capabilities of this chip and the 60 fps 4K video are testaments to its true power.

Image result for Apple A11 bionic

The pixel isn’t slow by any means. The Snapdragon 835 is still a beast and glides through everyday tasks easily. In fact, you won’t see any major differences on a day to day use when comparing the two side by side. Them why do we need all that reduces horsepower in the iPhone?

Image result for Snapdragon 835

The answer is longevity. Apple wants it’s iPhone 8 and 8 Plus to be relevant due a long, long time. All that CPU prowess may seem like overkill for now, but might be just what is needed in the future.

Mobile phones are getting crazy powerful, and we can’t stop drooling over them. Though the Pixel is quite possibly the smartest phone out there right now, the sheer performance win does to the iPhone, for both current and future performance.

The fingerprint sensors are extremely fast and responsive on both. If I had to pick one though, I’d pick the Pixel for its simplicity. Just place your finger on the sensor and you’re in within a flash.

Image result for Google Pixel 2 XL now playing

Plus, the pixel has some intangibles like the squeeze feature called active edge which can be remapped using a third party software to do other things. There is Now playing, which recognizes and displays the song playing in the background actively! You don’t get any of those on the iPhone.

Cameras: Both phones have a really good camera, but you and I both know which one is better here. The pixel is hands down, the best Auto shooter out there. There is no other phone that can deliver such incredible results every single time, not even the iPhone.

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The iPhone’s cameras have a slightly better lens this time, which orifice crisp videos at night without excessive lens flare. The Pixel 2 XL has improved upon that ugly flaring issue of its predecessor.

Image result for google-pixel-2-xl camera

Still, hardware wise, iPhone has a slight advantage here. But the final output of clearly better on the pixel.

Interfaces are nearly identical on both phones. Both lacking manual modes and everything. But the “one-click wonder” concepts seem to be working out.

Image result for Pixel 2 XL camera UI

There’s portrait mode on both phones. Apple uses a secondary sensor’s data and pixel uses its own software tricks. Both do the job just fine but I tend to like the Pixel more since it can do the same wonderful bokeh on the front camera too!

The iPhone does have a new feature called and portrait lighting, which changes the scene based on the lighting mode you select. It’s still in beta, so you know it’s gonna be ridiculously bad sometimes, and perfectly fine on others.

It’s a beast feature to have but does not justify choosing the iPhone over the Pixel, on its own. So yes, Pixel 2 XL wins the camera department.

Batteries: Battery sizes are not a good way of measuring the actual battery life of a device, as it depends on a lot of things.

The iPhone supports fast charging, but the chargers are not included in the box, which is fantastic. The Pixel can charge up pretty fast, using the INCLUDED Qualcomm quick charge adapter.

Image result for iPhone 8 Plus battery

Though for the first time in the history of mankind, iPhone has beaten an Android phone in wireless charging! The iPhone 8 Plus has wireless charging and the Pixel 2 XL still does not!

Image result for Pixel 2 XL charging

Battery life is pretty good on both phones. The pixel 2 XL consistently gets over 6 hours of usage and the iPhone 8 Plus get about same. This is one area where I’ll have to declare a draw!

If you don’t care about the operating system but want a long lasting phone, pick anyone you want. But I suggest the Pixel, as the fast charger is included in the box, for rapid top up.

Final verdict: The Pixel 2 XL and the iPhone 8 Plus are two very different smartphones. The iPhone is for of course, Apple fans who want something more powerful than their current 6s Plus or maybe 6 Plus. The Pixel is for anyone who wants a bitter smooth experience with all the basics handled like a dream.

So if you want to see what Apple has been doing, let me tell you the answer: nothing much. Though there are a few display issues, the Pixel 2 XL is still much better than the iPhone 8 Plus. Unless you absolutely need an iPhone, go for the pixel. You’ll love it!

Do you agree/disagree with my verdict? Let me know on the comments down below, and be nice. Speaking of nice, you can hit me up on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It would be awesome if you come and say Hi!

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