Chinese woman gets faulty Face ID on two iPhone X units back to back!

Face Id issue in iPhone X

iPhone X has a history of bugs, mishappenings and well, more bugs. The phone costs a fortune and even after that, one or the other report of its malfunction comes around frequently. In the recent turn of events, a Chinese woman has accused Apple of selling her a faulty iPhone X, twice!

The woman, Yan, told the Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation about these awkward instances where even after configuring her iPhone X to recognize her face and unlock using her facial id, her colleague at work was able to unlock the phone! What is more disturbing is the fact that Yan bought an iPhone X and this happened and after getting a refund, she bought a unit again. The phone kept on showing the same problem in both the units and as expected, it is outrageous!

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iPhone X

Yan also mentioned that the first time she realized this bug, the Apple hotline didn’t pay heed to it. It was thought of as another joke by the company but when she went to their store, she showed them how the iPhone X was unlocking with another person’s face, she was offered a refund. She bought the phone again, to face the same thing! She was offered a refund again and we are unsure as to what we should make of this fault in the iPhone X.

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Apple’s spokesperson has addressed the issue and mentioned it to be the work of the customer only. He believes that both the women have used the phone during pass code training due to which, the phone is  recognizing both the faces! Is it correct on Apple’s part to blame it all on the customers?

iPhone X Face ID

This is not the first time that the Face Id has caused a havock and we hope that the Cupertino giant does better than to blame the customers!

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What do you think about this issue? Do you agree with Apple or will you support Yan? Let us know in the comments section below!

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