Cadbury Lets You Create Personalised Ad Supporting Local Businesses Ft. Shahrukh Khan Using Clever AI Tool


Ahead of the auspicious occasion of Diwali, Cadbury has partnered with Bollywood’s superstar, Shahrukh Khan to deliver a heartwarming ad supporting local businesses. The motive here is to let the customers create an ad supporting their local Kirana stores, electronics store or footwear store, through a new AI tool kit that uses machine learning to recreate the actor’s voice and facial expressions. As of writing this article, the new ad which is part of the company’s “NotJustACadburyAd” campaign has garnered over 200,000 views on YouTube. You can check out the advertisement below.

According to Cadbury, if you want to create a customised ad featuring Shahrukh Khan and want to support the local stores around your area, all you need to do is to visit the “NotJustACadburyAd” campaign’s dedicated website. You’ll then have to enter a few key details including your location, local store information and personal information, before hitting ‘Get your personalized video’. Following this, you will immediately get a small clipping on WhatsApp where you’ll see Shahrukh Khan promoting the local store you just mentioned on Cadbury’s website. You can of course share this video on social media or wherever you may please. 


Cadbury’s initiative with this new ad is pure gold and the marketing team deserves a huge applause. The ad is also winning a million hearts over the internet, all while benefiting hundreds and thousands of local businesses that were hugely impacted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Check out the video we created below.

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