Let’s Break Some Smartphone Charging Myths!

Smartphone myth busted

Smartphones have been a part of our lives for a very long time now. And like any other product that we carry around us every day, they too have certain myths about them which people don’t know how to verify. I consider myself to be a myth-buster of sorts, and I have been at it with my friends and family before I started blogging, and now it’s time to do it here, on an online platform. Let’s bust some phone charging myths, shall we?

1. Your phone must NEVER be taken 0% and then charged to 100% (?)

Well, it is not completely false, but we don’t really have to be so cautious about our phone batteries. My phone, for instance, consistently hits the 10% mark and below, every single day, as I am quite a heavy user. But I don’t see any significant reduction in battery life from Day 1. It is true that Li-ion batteries are extremely unstable, but they are also more durable than we care to think.

Smartphone charging myth

I am not encouraging you to get your phone through a compete charge cycle everyday, because it genuinely isn’t healthy for your electrolyte in the long run of 2+ years on the same sequence. But it is no reason to freak out if it does happen a few times a month.

2. Charging the phone overnight is bad (?)

Nope. Not at all!

Like I said before, we use Li-ion batteries which are really efficient and are equipped with a charging controller in our phone’s circuit. Our phones know when the battery is fully charged and will automatically stop receiving power from the charger after that. It begins to trickle charge, meaning, it will drop to 99% and will slowly charge back to a 100. This cycle continues until you pull out the chord, which isn’t really bad for a healthy smartphone.

Overnight charging myth

I say again, anything that has been outdone turns into poison. So don’t keep it connected overnight, unless you have to get it fully charged and ready for the next morning and the busy day ahead. I have multiple phones and occasionally, I leave a few of them plugged in overnight. It’s no big deal, relax.

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3. Keeping wireless radios on will drain your battery a lot (?)

It is true that all wireless antennas on your device, such as Bluetooth and WiFi, need battery juice to power themselves. But with the newer chips, they barely drain any power from your phone when not dealing with incoming/outgoing traffic. So when you are not connected to any WiFi network, your phone automatically reduces the activity of that antenna, and the same goes for Bluetooth as well.

WiFi affects charging myth

So feel free to leave them on, because switching them off will not save drastic amounts of battery percentage like we think.

4. New phones should be charged for 6-8 hours before first use (?)

Not necessarily.

Phones are shipped with generally lower battery percentages to avoid battery damages that could start a fire, and to save the cost of charging millions of devices at the factory. You are instructed to charge it to a long time, to ensure that your phone is 100% charged for your first time usage.

New phone charging myth

You need not charge it for that ridiculous amount of time, as it will shut off its power intake after 100% charge in about 2 hours anyway. So charge your new phone to 100% at let it say “fully charged” for a couple of times the week you got it. This will help to calibrate the battery and to tell the charging controller that this is the maximum capacity of the battery. So it will give you more accurate reading in the coming days.

That’s it for this part of myth-busting at Mr.Phone. If you learned something new here, leave me a comment. You could also thank me over at my Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.  

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