BQEYZ Spring 2 Triple (hybrid) driver IEMs launched in India starting at Rs 14,990

BQEYZ Spring 2

BQEYZ Spring 2 are the new IEMs launched by the company in India. These will be available for sale through The Audio Store in the country. These IEMs are meant to be direct successors to Spring 1s, launched earlier. The company states that these IEMs are targeted at audiophiles and professionals featuring crystal clear and crisp audio.

BQEYZ Spring 2 — Key Specs

The sequel to Spring 1 IEMs features a triple driver setup alongside an ergonomic design that is said to be having an upgraded shape. The design promises to deliver comfort, and superior fit as well.

“The BQEYZ Spring 2 features a Balanced Armature (BA), a 13mm Bionic Dynamic Driver (DD) and nine layers of Nano Piezoelectric Ceramic. The hybrid-driver IEM, along with a coaxial dual-cavity patented dynamic ceramic horn, has a three-frequency independent tuning presenting a high-resolution outcome. The vocals are transparent and bright – thanks to its powerful magnet and ultra-thin film combo,” the company suggests.

BQEYZ Spring 2

On the outside, the IEMs are said to be carrying an anodized aluminium build accompanied by crystal copper 2-pin detachable 0.78mm cables. The colour options of these include — Midnight Black and Olive Green. The customisation doesn’t end in colour options but also includes ear tips. Users can choose amongst memory foam or silicone ear tips — for sound insulation, vocals/atmosphere. For portability, the company is including a compact carrying case and also a cleaning brush.

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BQEYZ Spring 2 — Pricing

The Spring 2 IEMs are compatible with any smartphone available in the market. These are priced at Rs 14,990 with an included one-year warranty. Also, The Audio Store provides three BQEYZ cables, which are sold separately, in case you want to opt-out from the default ones provided in the packaging. For example, BQEYZ C8 MMCX is an eight-core silver-plated cable with 3.5mm gold plated connector. And, there’s a 2-pin variant BQEYZ C8. Both will be sold for Rs 2,049 each.

BQEYZ Spring 2

Besides, there’s another cable from the company priced at Rs 1,249 named — BQEYZ C1, which is also an upgrade cable with microphone included.

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