Boult Audio Tru5ive Pro Earbuds Review – satisfactory sound, brilliant battery life!

Boult Audio Tru5ive Pro


  • Light in weight
  • Good audio
  • Decent battery


  • Poor tactile feedback on buttons
  • Not loud enough at full volume
  • Type-C port absent

Boult Audio Tru5ive Pro — Introduction

Boult Audio Tru5ive Pro are the latest TWS earbuds from the company launched last year. The exclusive audio accessories maker has come up with these new buds targeting fitness enthusiasts who are on the run. The Tru5ive Pro earbuds are in with us for review. And, we have been using them for quite a while now, so you can somehow consider this as a long term review as well. Without any further ado, let us delve right in;

Boult Audio Tru5ive Pro

Design and Comfort

The earbuds themselves come in a mix of rubber and plastic finish, accompanied by earloops. These are rubber made ear loops that sit on the ears and make the Tru5ive Pro earbuds light in weight and can sit on ears for more longer periods without any hassle. In the packaging, the earbuds come with default grey coloured earloops. But there are some funky ear loops with striking colours, consisting of Pink and Neonish green/yellow. (Hot Pink, Chartreusue Green, Tranquil Grey, to be precise).

Boult Audio Tru5ive Pro

Right out of the box, the earbuds sat quite comfortably in the ears, although the company provides additional silicone tips that can match your earstyles. These Tru5ive Pro earbuds are indeed light in weight with earloops on. They come with a charging case, which has LED indicators for the battery and carrying it around won’t be an issue — thanks to its portability. It’s also a plastic build case with softer materials on top in conjunction with Boult Audio branding. The case build is softer to touch and smoother around corners. Considering the portability and usage of smoother materials, carrying these Tru5ive Pro buds is pretty convenient and can be tucked in your pockets/bag sleeves quite easily.

All in all, the earbuds provide a snug fit and reduce the environmental noise instantaneously after you wear them. These can be used for more extended extender periods, like say for conference calls or binge-watching your favourite shows — thanks to its lightweight design and convenient ear loops.

Internals and battery

The TruSive Pro earbuds utilize Bluetooth 5.0 for connectivity and pairing across devices is seamless — thanks to its easy auto-pairing feature. The transmission distance claimed to be 20 meters, but in our testing, we could achieve not more than 10-12 meters after which we could experience call/audio playback drops. The earbuds speakers utilize 9mm drivers each and achieve ultra-low latency, as acclaimed. In our weeks of testing, the Tru5ive Pro earbuds didn’t showcase any lag be it in gameplay, binge watch or calls, for that matter. Further, we were impressed with the microphone quality on these earbuds. At the receiving end, listeners hadn’t had any complaints in terms of quality and were very crystal clear, considering their feedback given to us. The Tru5ive Pro packs in essential internals that do a good job when it comes to connectivity, pairing, and microphone quality.

Boult Audio Tru5ive Pro

The earbuds right out of the box claim a six-hour playback time on a single charge, which is relatively reasonable. And, it indeed touched around five and a half hours of playback time during our testing. It included continuous music playback, frequent calls and occasional video/audio or conference calls on Microsoft Teams. As suggested earlier, pairing on these buds is seamless across devices, and taking calls through a laptop or on the phone with these Tru5ive Pro earbuds has been seamless.

Coming back to these earbuds’ battery capabilities, they come with a standard charging case, which also acts as the carrying box, which is portable, as aforementioned. The carrying charging case is handy and can charge the earbuds fully in and around two hours. The exciting part of the case is that the built-in battery can charge the buds entirely up to three times pretty quickly. To be specific, the charging case additionally gives around 18-20 hours playback time to Tru5ive Pro earbuds, which is noble. Moreover, the standby time with the buds and case can give up to three days quite swiftly. The chagring case charges through microUSB, which can be a bummer for few who are in transit to shift to USB Type-C entirely.

Audio performance

As previously mentioned, the Tru5ive Pro buds use 9mm, audio drivers, underneath. The audio listening experience is quite good right off the bat. It suffices to say the earbuds here are bass-heavy for sure, which we liked the most but could be an off who don’t prefer bass-heavy music. The earbuds do a reasonably good job with passive noise cancellation. And, their design aesthetic implies to isolate the environment noise as soon as you put them on. The earloops stand firm and are lightweight on your ears. This makes you keep on these earbuds more often and listen to music, on the go.

Boult Audio Tru5ive Pro

The audio quality is relatively decent, bass-heavy for sure, however, in our testing, we felt the volumes on these earbuds could be a tad bit more as — we often we went on to toggle or adjust the volume controls on the buds/ or on the device, it is connected to, even though they were playing on full volume. That’s one thing to keep in mind if you’re willing to buy these buds.


Another drawback on the Tru5ive Pro earbuds is the multi-function key on both the earbuds. Let us explain their functionality before describing the drawback of it. The multi-function button needs a single press when you need to pair (for newer devices, not the ones already connected to). Or, to enable the microphone, play/pause the tracks, and adjust volumes. As a button, it works well and does all the essential functions, without the need to reach out to devices the earbuds are in connection with.

Boult Audio Tru5ive Pro

That said, the pressing of the multi-function is the only drawback. Meaning, since the earbuds already rest in entirely, the rubberized button is quite hard to press. The functions mentioned above require individual pressing of the button, making it uncomfortable for those who have small ears. For instance, to play/pause — needs a single press of the hard multi-function button, which already feels like you are pushing the bud into the ear. Similarly, it’s not ideal if you are pressing it multiple times to adjust the volumes, for instance. Touch controls or slightly tactile buttons would be suitable for these buds; instead of these rubberized materials of choice, albeit it feels rugged though.

As said, this has been the only primary drawback on these Tru5ive Pro earbuds we could find. And, rest of the audio experience is decent enough considering the price segment they come in, which leads us to the verdict of this review.

Boult Audio Tru5ive Pro (2)
Boult Audio Tru5ive Pro (3)


The Tru5ive Pro earbuds cost Rs 2,999 on the company’s website, however, they retail at Rs 2,499 on Amazon India. The Boult Audio Tru5ive Pro buds do the right amount of justice to what they offer for these prices. In case you’re wondering, for Rs 2,499 they offer bass-heavy audio, seamless connectivity, passive noise cancellation (which works well), come with IPX7 rating, are exceptional in battery life, and are light in weight with multiple earloops. These can be ideal if you are on a tight budget or not an audiophile, in general. These can also be ideal if you are looking for True Wireless earbuds with portability, better battery, and are often calls/ conference calls amidst the pandemic’s work from home scenario.

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