Blast from the past: Moto RAZR foldable phone features leaked

Foldable smartphones are all the rage these days. Samsung’s Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X are the main trendsetters, and many OEMs are soon to follow. However, the concept isn’t all that new. Remember the Motorola RAZR back in the day? That is what I call a foldable phone. A remake for that device has long been rumored. Now, we’ve finally got some word about the device. So let’s see what the Moto RAZR could bring to the table:

Moto RAZR features

The Moto RAZR is going to have a clamshell design with a foldable display on the inside. There will be a secondary display on the outside, to offer information and notification while folded/closed. Speaking about that secondary display, it won’t offer a full Android experience. Instead, it will be used for displaying information on the outer display, like Moto Display, Moto Actions, and the Moto Camera app. Additionally, it will have some sort of trackpad functionality and will be able to display quick settings. The report also suggests using the secondary display as a shooter for the selfies.

Moto RAZR launch date and availability

While rumors are pouring in, we are still far from any word about the device’s launch date. Stay tuned to Mr. Phone while we bring to you all the latest buzz in the smartphone world. 


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