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Galaxy Upcycling- Bitcoin Mining

You read that right! There is a machine capable of Bitcoin mining, and it’s powered by 40 old Samsung Galaxy S5 devices.

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This is a pretty cool little project where Sammy took old phones and united them into something dope! They are calling it as ‘upcycling‘ which replaces the boring old recycling.

This is far more productive than keeping the older phones to rot in your drawer after you upgrade to a shiny new one. Samsung managed to grab everyone’s attention at the San Francisco developer conference.

You should be just as amazed as I am because in case you didn’t know, bitcoins are not easy to mine, let alone the Bitcoin mining. The rigs that you intend to use must be pretty darn capable to handle so much workload. It’s just awesome to see a bunch of smartphones pull off something that even full-fledged desktops struggle with.


According to the geniuses behind this rig, 8 of these Galaxy S5 phones are more capable than an Intel Core i7 2600 processor-based system. So a bunch of outdated phones can technically beat a flagship desktop chipset!

There were other things as well, such as converting an old Galaxy tab into a spare laptop on a Linux flavored OS (such as Ubuntu), converting the Galaxy S3 into a sensor for a fish tank and more.

What really caught my nerdy ears was that Samsung said that they plan on releasing the software with root access for free! They will supposedly share the demo project blueprints as well, so other creative creatures among us can make use of them.

I’ve been into rooting androids since high school. And nothing tingles my geeky nerves more than when a company officially endorses Superuser privileges to their customers! OnePlus was the first to understand this by providing warranty even for their rooted phones, and now Sammy is joining in too. This is awesome!

And what about you, dear reader? Does it or doesn’t it excite you? Do you want other companies to try out Bitcoin mining with the truckloads of revenues they get? Drop me a comment down below.

Tell me which OEM you want to see in this game, over at Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. I want to see Google do something like this! Do you?

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