A mysterious bezel-less render shows up on Google Store!

A bezel-less device on Google Store

Bezel-less is the new cool in the smartphone market and while many people question its importance, we’ve tried to give you a wholesome view of the topic through our articles! Unlike the normal day-to-day news, the rumor which we are sharing today might be the harbinger of a whole new era for Pixel phones! Google Pixel 2 and 2 XL launched a few months back and we saw some really cool specs on these two devices. Pixel 2 was a bummer in terms of bezels and looked pretty old school with visibly large bezels and the 2 XL was just the contrast. The device looked perfect, thanks to minimum bezels on it.

How does Google make those cute wallpapers for the new Pixel phones?

But wait! Has Google made a nearly bezel-less phone like the iPhone X and Mi Mix 2? The answer to this question is a no, unfortunately. However, the recent leak and rumor might change the course of this tide. A new render has surfaced on the Google Store which is neither the Pixel 2 (of course), nor is it the 2 XL (yes the wallpaper is same but something else isn’t!) since it has much smaller bezels than the latter. Watch the image above carefully and you’ll spot the difference!

The picture came out on Reddit and since then, there’s no stopping the rumor mill! It might be the mock-up of Pixel 2 XL or it can be the speculated Pixel Ultra which is the next in line, according to many other websites! Yes, it is only a render but the place that it has surfaced on is none other than the Google Store itself. 

Apps won’t be able to post ads on your lock screen from now on, thanks to Google!

Pixel 2

We might doubt the credibility of the other leaks and rumors but can we question something which Google itself posted? The question is whether the next Pixel flagship will have such a design.

Google hasn’t said anything officially and you can expect to see this as a trending topic in a few days. The speculations are not going to rest and all we can do is hope that this gorgeous design turns into reality!

What do you think about this render? Isn’t it amazingly premium? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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